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Where Is The Sale Of Toilet Paper Processing Equipment?
- Mar 23, 2018 -

The place where the toilet paper machine is produced is mainly concentrated in Henan.Henan region production of toilet paper machine The earliest said Fuyuan machine, Fuyuan machine toilet paper machine not only good quality, affordable, suitable for a variety of production needs of customers. The toilet paper machine generally includes the toilet paper rewinding machine, paper cutter and sealing machine, the three equipment is sold as a complete set of equipment, just able to complete the processing of toilet paper, produced is finished toilet paper, in the three equipment, the main toilet paper processing equipment is toilet paper rewinder, the other two equipment is relatively simple, It is easy to operate, the failure rate is lower, so we take the toilet paper rewinder mainly for you to introduce the paper machine machinery. CIS-Conveyor Rewinder is controlled by PLC computer programming technology, rapid and accurate completion of semi-finished toilet paper rewinding, punching, spraying, such as processing, production for cutting small diameter paper, but after rewinding machine processing paper is not finished paper, but also need to cut the machine cut into customer-tailored specifications, This automatic completion of most of the processing equipment is called automatic rewinder, this equipment structure design is reasonable, high technical content, good quality, long service life, well received by the majority of users.