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Uzbekistan Egg Tray Machine Project
- Aug 23, 2018 -

The main purpose of making pulp omelette lies in three points. When one plant is invested, it has to have its own open space for equipment and production. It has the best. If not, it is suitable to rent a factory. The second is to buy a set of egg tray machine equipment, egg tray machine equipment price is small 3-5W large hundreds of thousands of individual and regional needs, and its three daily expenses such as: raw materials, fuel, For wages, etc., these three inputs are necessary and need attention. The return of the pulp egg tray is still very large. With the small egg tray machine, it can produce 2000 pieces per hour, and the production of 10 hours a day can produce 20,000 pieces. The profit per piece is 4-5 points. The machine can earn 800-1000 yuan per day (see the regional economic situation is slightly different), is it possible to produce 5,000 pieces of profit per hour for large equipment? As far as the market is concerned, the pulp egg tray is still quite lacking. Where the investment is risky, where is the application, so when investing in the plan, first look at the market demand and decide the investment.