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The History Of Zhuzhi
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Zhuzhi began appearing in A.D. Six to Tenth century with the Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties, in the southern bamboo-producing areas, bamboo resources are rich, so Zhuzhi has been developed rapidly. Ming Song Yingxing's book, "Heavenly Creations," The 13th Zhuzhi in the creation of a detailed record:  "Where the Zhuzhi, things out of the south, and Fujian province alone its sheng."

When the bamboo shoots, see the Sanvo depth, its bamboo to the raw foliage for the material. During the song and Yuan Ming and Qing dynasties, Zhuzhi was especially popular and the number of Qing dynasty was especially large. Paper for the bamboo curtain More with a fine bar, which requires the beating degree of paper must be quite high, and made of paper must be very close symmetry. Therefore, the Southern Song Dynasty was a period of Zhuzhi development in South China. Wang Anshi, Su Dongpo and so on, like to use Zhuzhi to write, that Zhuzhi ink bright, pen and bright, at that time by many literati imitation, thus promoting the development of the Zhuzhi.In the Ming Dynasty, the technology of bamboo paper making in China was perfected.