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How To Operate The Paper Pumping Equipment
- Mar 23, 2018 -

A lot of people are optimistic about the industry, but do not know how to start, the company that the problem is completely without worry, pumping paper processing process is divided into paper, slitting, packaging three parts. The required equipment includes a paper-drawing machine (tissue paper machine), paper cutter, and packaging machine. The operation of the paper-drawing machine is the computer PLC control, as long as the manual or through the manufacturer training Guide is easy to learn, cutting paper generally a bit of moving paper with rotary cutting paper, the point of the paper is generally in the paper pumping machine equipped, when the paper is cut, rotary cutting paper need to buy a special rotary paper machine, the general wiring needs to be used, This is also a computer plc control, as long as the adjustment of good parameters, basically very good grasp. Packaging machine for the words, the market on all kinds of packaging machines have, semi-automatic, fully automatic various, manufacturers generally have specialized technicians door-to-door church.