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How To Do Toilet Paper Processing
- Mar 23, 2018 -

First, the local market research

In the local market study is mainly to investigate the sales channels, local consumption level, because each region, each city's consumption is not the same, some areas of higher consumption, some areas of low consumption, consumption of high cities and low-cost cities, the use of toilet paper quality is different, toilet paper in high and low profile,

Therefore, we must examine where the main market is and where the quality of toilet paper is at the level of consumption.

Second, the purchase of packaging bags

Can be in the professional production of packaging bags manufacturers, buy their own selected bags, but also to the packaging manufacturers, to do their own brand, after all, all of the big brands are starting from an early age.

Third, the choice of manufacturers

Toilet paper equipment directly affects the production of toilet paper processing plants, toilet paper equipment, the quality of the toilet paper in the process of the weight of the gram, tightness and broken, and other factors, this although we do not see the equipment, but can be observed by the weight and tightness of the paper to judge. In the inspection equipment compare, should pay attention to equipment quality, internal configuration, automation degree, and operation Safety, do not blindly only look at the price does not look at the equipment quality.