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Can You Use The Toilet Paper Over The Shelf Life?
- Mar 23, 2018 -

The average consumer looks at the brand and price, most did not notice the paper towel and shelf life, it is generally believed that as long as the toilet paper is not opened, it can be used at home slowly. More consumers believe that even if there is a problem with toilet paper, it is not as serious as food expiration. In this regard, the quality Supervision Department experts pointed out that the whole process of toilet paper production is required at high temperatures to complete, once the packaging is not good or bad storage, it will make paper damp or pollution, toilet paper into "No toilet paper." Formal brand of toilet paper, on the outside packaging must be marked production date and shelf life. This is stipulated in the national product marking.

Under the condition of drying and ventilating, the shelf life of the general toilet paper is 2-3 years. We all know that toilet paper is an essential product of our life. A lot of people will be in the shopping time to budget their own living expenses, will choose to buy some promotional activities during the toilet paper, stored up slowly use.Relevant experts remind, over the shelf life of the use of toilet paper is very easy to breed bacteria, in the dry, ventilated conditions to save, the general use of toilet paper is 2-3 years, if you find the home of the toilet paper began to hair off the powder, it is not used.