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What questions should we know about the start-up of toilet paper factory?
- Mar 23, 2018 -

First, Equipment:

  First to buy quality equipment, first of all to understand the production process of toilet paper and what equipment to use, the production process is very simple, a toilet paper rewinder, a paper cutter, a sealing machine on it, toilet paper rewinding is two times processing industry, no pollution.

Second, plant:

  Second, you need to find a good factory, plant must be dry, pay attention to fire and moisture, pay attention to health and safety, equipment needs ground level, toilet paper processing will have debris and dust, pay attention to emissions and cleaning; the other gate is best left to 2 meters, the area generally in 80 to 100 square on the line!

Third, investment requirements: 

    General investment of about 100,000 can produce a large number of toilet paper, to do their own brand.As long as 2-3 workers can operate, processing production.

Fourth,Requirements for workers

  The general peasant workers on the simple training, a week can be all mastered, in fact, this device operation is very simple.

Fifth, Business License: 

    The last is to open a toilet paper shop need what license, I suggest you or run a self-employed business license is better, because the procedures are simple, low-cost, General Baixin block money can be done, the next annual inspection procedures are also convenient.