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What machine is used to process toilet paper?
- Mar 23, 2018 -

First of all, the toilet paper processing needs automatic toilet paper rewinder, paper cutter, sealing machine which paper cutter, sealing machine are manufacturers distribution. And the toilet paper rewinder is a special equipment for the production of toilet paper, the whole equipment occupies a relatively large proportion. At present, the popular in the market are full automatic rewinding machine, PLC computer automation control. can automatically complete the equipment rewinding, punching hole cutting spray glue and so on. The heavy-weight toilet paper rewinder in the process of toilet paper.

Now most people in the market to reduce labor costs have opted for automatic toilet paper rewinder, automatic toilet paper rewinder 1880 type toilet paper rewinder in small and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurship is a variety of models of the leader 1880-Type toilet paper rewinder can be processed under 2.1 meters of toilet paper large axis paper, compared to other models of toilet paper production equipment, not only in the choice of raw materials have an advantage, but also to some extent in the increase in production while reducing paper loss. Now the original paper is generally around two meters and for individual entrepreneurship choice of raw materials a wider range of products to expand the market competitiveness  from the raw material cost considerations.