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What Is The Paper Pulp Egg Tray Machine Production Line
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Pulp egg tray production line is a production line made using egg tray equipment, and is also often referred to as egg tray production line.So what is the role of this egg tray production line? If so?The main flow of the pulp egg tray production line produced by the egg tray equipment is as follows:Pulp molded cushioning and shockproof packaging is used as raw materials for old newspapers, waste paper cartons, paper mills or printing mills, etc., and is formulated into pulp with a certain concentration by hydraulic pulping and batching.The slurry is vacuum-adsorbed into a wet product on a special metal mold, and the formed wet product is dried and hot-pressed.The main raw material used in production is waste paper, which is rich in resources and low in price. It is a comprehensive development and utilization of waste.Pulp-moulded cushioning and shockproof packaging will complete its cushioning and shockproof protection mission for the packaged goods in the process of storage, transportation, sales and other commodities circulation;The waste can be recycled and reused like ordinary paper. Even if it is discarded in the natural environment, it can be rotted and decomposed into plant fibers as easily as ordinary paper.