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What is the adjuvant for the egg tray machine?
- Sep 26, 2018 -

For mechanical equipment, adjuvants are often used. So, how many adjuvants does the egg tray machine have? What is the role of each adjuvant?

Types and characteristics of egg tray auxiliary:

1 enhancer:

Increasing the strength of the pulp product, the product added with the reinforcing agent can increase the hardness by 2-3 times, and can achieve tensile, compressive and torsion resistance.

2 waterproofing agent:

Increase the waterproof ability of pulp products. This additive is mainly used to improve the quality of pulp solidification and reduce the surface tension, and fill the internal gap of the product to achieve waterproof effect.

The main additives are these two kinds, others are preservatives, oil repellents, etc. These additives are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.