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What are the machines that make toilet paper processing?
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Processing toilet paper mainly with a set of toilet paper rewinder equipment, distribution of a paper cutter and sealing machine. Buyers are generally used automatic rewinder, the use of international advanced PLC computer Programming technology, frequency control, electronic brakes and configuration has a touch-screen Man-machine interface operating system, one-time completion of the edge of the paper, spray glue, drilling and other operations. After rewinding the shaft paper, from the large axis into a certain degree of elasticity of the small shaft paper, then need to cut the paper machine into a good size, and finally sealed packaging.In fact, the processing of toilet paper is such a set of equipment, the production process is also relatively simple, easy to operate. 

The general family-style workshop used by the Rewinder is now 1880 toilet paper Rewinder mainly, if the staff is skilled, do not appear broken paper phenomenon, According to eight hours to calculate can produce 2-2 5 tons of paper, core paper without core, squash can be, if your business needs to press the toilet paper or the middle of the kind of paper tube, these functions can be made to the manufacturer, special customization.