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The 7th RISI International Waste Paper and Boxboard Corrugated Paper Conference will be held in Shenzhen in December.
- Dec 18, 2018 -

The 7th RISI International Waste Paper and Boxboard Corrugated Paper Conference will be held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Shenzhen on December 5-7, 2018. This is the seventh consecutive year that RISI has hosted the brand conference, which will bring together waste paper and boxboard corrugated paper industry. Practitioners, from the perspective of the overall development of the industry, look forward to the waste paper industry, cardboard paper and corrugated paper market trends, aimed at waste paper supply, commodity inspection agencies, recycling companies, paper mills, associations, processors, terminal buyers and equipment, Participants in chemical additives suppliers provide key information about the changing market in China, Southeast Asia and the world, and how to optimize business strategies and procurement strategies.

Since August last year, due to the limited import of waste paper, many speculations and panic among the practitioners have been triggered. The price of the national waste market has also experienced a roller coaster-style violent shock. We also made corresponding analysis and discussion in last year's meeting. With the further implementation of the policy, it is not difficult to see that China's strict control over the import of solid waste is the vane of national policy, which strongly stimulates the export of waste paper from the US, Europe and Australia and domestic waste papermaking enterprises. The packaging paper production industry will have a major impact.

Therefore, in this year's Waste Paper and Boxboard Corrugated Paper Conference, we will explore the “post-policy impact period” from the four dimensions, that is, after the implementation of the national solid waste import policy –

· Waste paper demand in the Southeast Asian market and the risk of import policies of countries

· European and Australian export prospects and local recycling industry response

· Analysis of the development prospects of China's waste paper recycling industry

· China's box corrugated paper market trend outlook, including raw material supply strategic layout, capacity expansion, demand changes, etc.