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Crescent Shaper For Toilet Paper Machine
- Jan 03, 2019 -

Four-roller cantilever type. The four rolls are a chest roll, a separation roll, a tension roll, and a correction roll. The frame is a box steel welded structure, and the longitudinal, beam and frame base are covered with stainless steel. Cantilever design, when changing the net, the operating side frame is opened, lifted with hydraulic jack, the frame structure is opened, which is convenient for changing the net. It is equipped with 1 set of automatic corrector and calibration valve, 1 set of automatic tensioner, 1 set of chest roller expansion device, 4 sets of scraper, high and low pressure spray pipe, etc.

The forming net allows an elongation of 1.5% and a maximum tension of 10kN/m. The tension of the net is detected by the tension sensor. The tension signal is fed back to the tensioner through the PLC and is automatically tightened. At the same time, the tensioner has two limit switches. It stops after the limit and can only be reversed.

The water collection device is the design focus of the crescent former. The lower water tray receives the white water from the forming roll and is provided with a curved baffle. The rollers are equipped with a water receiving tray to collect the white water removed by the scraper. A baffle is arranged around the net, and a water mist splash baffle is mounted on the transmission side and the operation side, and the baffle on the operation side is movable.