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Structure/paper machine
- Mar 23, 2018 -

  According to the needs of the copying process, paper machine structure in various forms, generally by streaming, forming, pressing, drying, finishing, coiling and transmission and other components and auxiliary systems and other ancillary equipment components.

Forming part 

  It is composed of headbox, chest roll, forming net, suction water tank and roller etc. The slurry box slurry will be sent to the flow delivery system into the slurry evenly sprayed into the forming network, slurry speed and the speed should match. Controlling slurry speed and speed is the main factor of choosing Headbox box type.

 In addition to the use of a single form of forming a long screen paper machine, circular screen paper machine, folder network paper machine, but also the use of many long network, multi-circle network, multi-folder network and a variety of forms of oblong-mesh composite forming parts.