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Requires for ink use in napkin paper making
- Sep 10, 2018 -

napkins paper are closely related to people's lives and involve the service industry, the inks used are required to be safe, non-toxic, strong in adhesion, and non-bleeding. Napkin printing was originally printed using a grease-based ink, which was characterized by good on-machine adaptability, but the smell of the printed matter was particularly large. Some napkin printers using letterpress printing technology tried to print the napkin with ethylene glycol ink (water washable) to eliminate the smell of printed matter, but this process encountered some problems, such as ink when the printed matter encountered ethylene glycol. Paper (liquid spreads or penetrates into the paper); in addition, the on-board suitability of this ink is not ideal, so the ink used by Mobile Media is pure plant edible grade water-based ink.