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Paper Pulp Egg Tray In Different Color
- Oct 16, 2018 -

Chinese alias: alkaline yellow O; salt-based yellow O; salt-based yellow; C.I. basic yellow 2; olamine O; gold amine; salt-based yellow; salt-based yellow;

Nature: yellow powder. Hard to dissolve in cold water and ether. Soluble in hot water and ethanol.

Features: high light fastness, bright color, strong tinting strength, good transparency, fast coloring, good dyeing, etc.

Use: Mainly used for dyeing vinegar fiber and cotton fabric. It is also used for coloring of paper, scent, leather, paint, etc. It is used for dyeing of hemp, paper, grass weaving, rayon, etc. It is also used for printing and dyeing cotton fabric. Its lake is used for making wallpaper, colored paper, ink and paint. Used in acetate fiber; mordant cotton, but with low fastness and bright color, it can be used to make green or red. Can also be used for leather; paper; dyeing of hemp and viscose