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Introduction to paper Machine
- Mar 23, 2018 -

  A machine which is made of paper by the process of dewatering, dehydration and drying of the pulp water suspensions which meet the requirements of papermaking. Paper machine including the completion of the above process of forming, crushing, drying 3 main parts, and equipped with the necessary finishing, coiling and transmission devices, as well as the supply of slurry, slurry and white water circulation, vacuum, ventilation and exhaust, damaged paper processing and lubrication, automatic control and other ancillary systems. The specification of paper machine is often expressed by the width of the paper which is copied, the width of the copper net and the optimum working speed. Modern large paper machine copy width up to 11m, working speed up to 1000m/min, Nissan paper volume of hundreds of tons, the whole machine weight of more than thousand tons, up to hundreds of meters. In general developing countries as well as some special paper production in the use of more small paper machine, its wide 1~3m, working speed of dozens of meters to 200 meters per minute.

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