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Introduction of paper pulp egg tray
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Egg trays generally refer to packaging tools used to hold eggs such as eggs and duck eggs. Their main function is to absorb shocks and facilitate transportation and carrying. According to the different materials, it can be divided into pulp egg trays, plastic egg trays, etc. According to the number of eggs, it can be divided into single egg trays and tray egg trays.

The pulp egg tray is a pulp molded product, and the pulp egg tray is manufactured in a process flow:

1. The waste paper (carton, book, newspaper, etc.) recovered on the market is pulverized into pulp by a special pulper.

2. The pulp concentration is adjusted to 0.5%-1%

3. Transfer the prepared pulp to a pulp molding machine, and use vacuum suction to adsorb the pulp on the pulp molding die, vacuum dewatering, drying or drying.

Pulp egg tray is a new type of environmentally friendly product that can be used for physical pulverization without recycling industrial waste paper.