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History/paper Machine
- Mar 23, 2018 -

 1798 Frenchman N.L Robert first proposed the idea of a paper machine and obtained a patent from the government, but he was not made into a machine. The British s.&h Fordrinil Brothers bought the patent, the B. Donkin to improve the design and trial-production, 1803 successfully produced the first paper can be copied long net paper machine, also known as the Fordrinil paper machine. The circular mesh forming device was invented by J. Dickinson in England in 1809. 1820 t.b Cramton First heated the baking paper with a fire, until 1872, Jackson invented a steam-heated dryer that uses a siphon to remove condensed water. 1828 Cold Ding invented the roller. 1863 He Liouque (Holyoke) paper factory invented the five-roll Super calendering machine. In the past hundred years before and after the gradual improvement of the circular network and long network paper machine models. All modern paper machines are basically in the category of these two models.