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egg tray machine assemble component
- Jun 13, 2018 -

For egg trays, there are many components. Different components play different roles and have different properties.

Let's take a closer look at the various parts and models of the egg tray.

There are many models of egg trays, but they are made up of three parts: mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic. The main mechanical transmissions are connecting rods, crankshafts, sheaves, chain drives, and gears.

The mechanical rails have angle rails, single-bearing bearing slides, and slide rails. The mechanical components are simple and clear, and it is easy to find faults have been repaired.

Electrical control is divided into two parts, some of the electrical control motor is relatively simple to operate, but there are a few things in the stop of the electrical appliances, there are 1-2 proximity switch control time relay and then there are time relay control motor stop and turn;

If the proximity switch or the time relay has a malfunction and the machine does not work, the machine will not be able to complete the work, so the less the electrical equipment, the lower the failure rate.

Another part of the electrical control solenoid valve and the cylinder part, each solenoid valve has a proximity switch control, the cylinder is close to the switch control solenoid valve and solenoid valve control cylinder;

The cylinder then controls the dewatering valve, which forms a mutual restriction between the four parts, and one that does not work causes a chain reaction that prevents the machine from working.

In order to minimize the machine failure rate to use machinery as much as possible, reduce the use of electrical appliances, minimize the use of pneumatic components, the machine components as simple as possible, the simpler the better, use the mechanical structure as much as possible to make the machine simple and easy to find faults and easy maintenance.