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Egg Tray Machine Air Compressore Output Too Low
- Jan 10, 2019 -

1. If the actual gas consumption is greater than the gas production of the unit, the connected equipment and pipe network should be inspected, and if there is a leak, repair it in time. If the gas consumption of the system is greater than the air volume of the compressor unit under normal use conditions, the compressor unit of a large size should be replaced or the compressor unit should be added.

2. The unloading pressure setting is too low. Set the unloading pressure value correctly and make full use of efficiency.

3. The air filter element is dirty and blocked, resulting in insufficient intake of the compressor unit and low exhaust pressure. The air filter condition should be checked and replaced if necessary.

4. Solenoid valve failure. The main bleed solenoid valve and the cold start vent solenoid valve on the exhaust line leak and need to be replaced.

5. Control the leakage of the air line hose. Replace the control air line hose.

6. The intake valve is not sensitive and does not open completely. Need to overhaul and check the condition of the control system.

7. The oil separator is blocked and the oil separator filter needs to be replaced.