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Daily Inspection Of Egg Tray Machine
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The daily inspection of the equipment is a guarantee for our daily use and long-term work. So, where do we need to carry out maintenance and inspection of the egg tray machine?

In general, the inspection of the egg tray machine mainly starts from three aspects.

1 egg tray machine operation control:

The egg tray machine belongs to the assembly line. All the links should be synchronized and accurate, and there should be no leakage. This needs to be slowly corrected to meet your ideal requirements. The control system must be selected well, with long service life and stable work.

2 egg tray machine qualification:

The pass rate is of concern to every industry. The high pass rate indicates high production efficiency, high output and high performance. On the contrary, it means losing money. The quality of the egg tray is not only related to the efficiency problem, but also related to the equipment problem. A good equipment. The pass rate is often high.

3 egg tray safety:

Safety is the number one factor in all industries and should not be overlooked. Whether the mechanical operation is normal and the circuit installation is reasonable. automatic

The mechanical production is smooth, the equipment is regularly checked, and the uncertainties are first solved.