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daily inspection in egg tray machine
- Jul 18, 2018 -

The egg tray equipment is a kind of raw material that uses pulp as a raw material, and the pulp is attached to the egg tray mold by vacuum, and the thickness and the dry-to-wet ratio of various products are adjusted by adjusting the time, and the production is carried out through processes such as mold conversion and demoulding. Equipment for pulping egg trays. The service life of this machine is closely related to our daily maintenance. What kind of inspections do we have on the machine every day?Large-scale automatic package egg tray equipment It is well known that the egg tray equipment has the characteristics of high production efficiency and low failure rate, which can save more labor cost for the user. The machine operation is very simple, and the quality of the produced pulp egg tray is also very good. The majority of consumers are very recognized. The collection process of egg tray equipment is mainly to ensure that punctual collection, light handling, avoiding damage, trays for egg laying, egg cartons and other utensils and the arm of the breeder should be strictly cleaned and disinfected to avoid the formation of pathogenic microorganisms and Secondary pollution