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Automatic toilet paper rewinding function to make several kinds of toilet paper?
- Mar 23, 2018 -

The first kind: is commonly used 1880 type toilet paper rewinder, this kind of rewinding function does have the core or does not have the core, the operation is simple, but makes out the paper only two kinds, one kind of ordinary type rolls the paper, one kind is the kitchen with the paper tube and the hotel paper. 

The second: This is the full pressure flower toilet paper rewinding machine, this rewinder mainly produces the hotel paper, and embossing roller pattern customers can choose any or customers to provide patterns we reproduce embossing roller, this kind of paper is very soft, and this kind of paper profit is very good, The embossing section can choose to do a set of embossing or make two sets of embossing.Of course, the price of this equipment is much higher. 

The third: This equipment is now the market is very popular and we strongly recommend the automatic embossed toilet paper rewinding machine. Now the market best-selling paper has: Guangxi sugarcane pulp and wood pulp, this equipment for wood pulp can be finished on both sides of the two press out different patterns, greatly increase the beauty of the finished product, of course, this embossed paper prices are relatively high. Another point is that the embossing device you make wood pulp can be opened to the air pressure, directly into the output you need the pattern of finished paper