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Advertisement box tissue paper machine
- Aug 28, 2018 -

The advertising carton paper towel has won the favor of the growing business company with its obvious advantages such as high quality and low price and good advertising effect. Advertising paper towels usually adopt a customized method, then, how to make advertising paper towels? Customized advertising paper towels should pay attention to it? Experts remind you: Customized advertising paper towels must be selected to have a strong, credible, and time-guaranteed company. Specifically, merchants should pay attention to the following points when customizing advertising paper towels:

1, the construction period Usually merchants often choose holidays (such as May 1, eleven, New Year, etc.) using advertising paper towels for advertising and promotion, so manufacturers of customized advertising paper towels will also receive a lot of orders. Because the customized demand for advertising paper towels is a certain period of time, it is very simple to cause delays and loss. Therefore, when customizing the advertising paper towels, it is necessary to consider the construction period, etc., and contact the custom in advance.

2, printing quality Advertising tissue box printing has monochrome printing, four-color printing, five-color printing, etc., the quality of printing varies. The quality of monochrome printing is not high, but the price is cheap, the quality of five-color printing is good, but the price is high. Therefore, in the custom-made advertising tissue box must be considered to consider the print quality and cost, try to select some quality guaranteed, quotation discounted advertising box tissue manufacturers to customize.

3, paper towel original paper weight The quality of paper towels, facial tissues and other paper towels mainly depends on the weight of the base paper and the production process. Nowadays, the paper used in the tissue factory is 14 grams. There are also 12 grams or even 11 grams of paper in the small tissue factory. In the case of equal sampling, the lower the weight of the original paper, the worse the quality of the paper towel and the lower the cost.

4, the number of paper towels to pay attention to the number of paper towels is not enough, some small paper towels factory, often make a fuss on the number of paper towels, for example, do 100 pumping to do one or two pumping. This must be taken care of.

5, the original information of the tissue box packaging The advertising box tissue box outer box material is usually gray bottom white paper and white cardboard. Grey bottom whiteboard is lower than white cardboard, and gray whiteboard and white cardboard are 300g, 350g and other specifications. The white cardboard stiffness is higher than the gray whiteboard, and the box made will be more beautiful than the gray one. The same information, the higher the weight, the stronger the box and the higher the stiffness.