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A wide variety of paper products processing
- Mar 23, 2018 -

First of all, now do the processing of paper products or life paper, there is a so-called Pluto paper, we are talking about is burning, do life paper is now used to make a large volume of paper, the production of roll paper is automatic toilet paper rewinder, this paper machinery is a small tissue processing equipment, with the characteristics of high output, easy to operate , covers an area of small, our side for automatic toilet paper rewinder matching is all equipment, customers need to prepare is the plant, power, other equipment, including packaging, slitting, compressed equipment are manufacturers supporting, now best-selling is also the fastest processing speed is 1880-type automatic toilet paper rewinder, the machine price is appropriate,Covers an area of small, is to do paper products processing customers preferred equipment. 

Do different paper products need equipment is not the same, like to do paper pumping need is a paper machine, however, packaging can be packaged in the soft packaging, processing paper napkins need is a napkin machine, processing color paper napkins, only need to add a set of color napkin machine on it, processing small plate of paper need is small paper machine, The paper towel machine is needed for processing paper towels. It means that the price of different kinds of living paper equipment is not the same.